Sunday Showdown: Southern falls 3-1 To Northern Alabama


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Madison Meiring, of Martinsville, Ind., protects the ball from a defender on Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019, at the SIU vs. North Alabama soccer game in Carbondale.

This afternoon the Saluki Soccer team played its second matchup of the weekend against the University of Northern Alabama Lions  falling 3-1 in the game.

Southern(1-1-0) entered this game with a prior win against the University of Illinois-Springfield, which gave them their first of the regular season. The Lions (1-1-0) entered the matchup on a loss, which was their first of the season, to Ole Miss.

“I felt that for a short turnaround from Friday to Sunday our effort was good for the full 90 minutes,” Saluki head coach Grant Williams said.


There was some familiarity amongst today’s competing teams as SIU sophomore defender Kailyn Stone transferred this year from UNA.

Lucas Leffelman
Kaitlin DuCharme kicks the ball on Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019, during the SIU vs. North Alabama soccer game in Carbondale.

 The Lions were the first to attempt a shot at the goal, but this shot was successfully defended by SIU’s freshman goalkeeper Dariana Mihalache.

The ball did not reach the Salukis’ offensive end until nearly six minutes into the half and a shot at the goal wasn’t attempted until 24 minutes into the game despite earning given one penalty kick and one corner kick early on in the half.

At the 25 minute mark, UNA took advantage of Mihalache’s far play from the goal and shot it in before she could get back to defend the kick. This kick gave the Lions a 1-0 advantage over Southern.

After the UNA goal, Saluki freshman forward Marissa Basi attempted the team’s second shot at the goal, but it was intercepted by Lion goalkeeper Savannah Stewart.

“Their goalkeeper came up with a great save late in the first half,but I felt good about where we were going into halftime,” Williams said. “We don’t spend a lot of time scouting the other opponents and that will be something we will do more of.”

No more shots on goal were attempted by Southern for the remainder of the half and the Lions held possession of the ball as time ran down on the clock leading to half time. 


The score remained 1-0 at the half with the Salukis trailing.

The second half started almost immediately with a UNA goal against SIU substitute freshman goalie Sofia Howe. 

Northern Alabama got through the Saluki defensive line continuing to gain possession of the ball and attacking the goal.

Within the next minute of the second goal, the Lions scored again on the Southern  goal pushing their lead to 3-0.

“Those five minutes after goals are scored are always critical,” Williams said. “We may not have been switched on to give up two goals back to back. We’ve never been in that situation before and it was a learning experience for us on how quickly the game can change.”

The Salukis were able to attempt two more shots on goal, but the results were unsuccessful as the Lion defense was able to keep the ball out of the goal on every attempt made.

With 17 minutes left to play in the half, senior defender Ashley Moore received a yellow card after a UNA player took a hard fall. 

The Lions received a penalty kick, but it was deflected by the SIU defense and possession went back to the Salukis.

In the final minutes of the game, the ball went swiftly from one offensive end to the other with neither team being able to score a goal.

It wasn’t until the just under the two minute mark that the very first SIU goal was scored. 

The shot was made by junior forward Kathryn Creedon into the left side of the goal.

“I am very proud that regardless of the circumstance that we continue to try to do things and play the right way,” Williams said. “We ended up getting a consolation goal late in the game. So I would say there are more positives than negatives.”

This goal was not enough to bring Southern out of the deficit and they lost the game three goals to one.

“I had every expectation that we would get to 2-0 today, but I am patient enough to know that there were more positives than negatives today,” Williams said. “I am proud that we kept playing because until the whistle blows you can’t give up.”

You can see the Salukis (1-1-0) back in action on Tuesday at 6:30 pm as they face off against Rose-Hulman University at the Lew Hartzog Track and Field Complex.

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