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Letter to the Editor: Graduate Assistants United statement on SIU’s COVID-19 response

Letter to the Editor: Graduate Assistants United statement on SIU's COVID-19 response

By Graduate Assistants United Executive Committee, and Covid-Response Task Force 

July 14, 2020

A quality education doesn’t happen when people live in fear and feel unheard and coerced into working in-person when their jobs can be done remotely. Some people have a preference to be in-person in the fall, and we can still honor their preference. But under the administration’s proposed plan, the difference between those who prefer in-person not getting their preference, and those who prefer online not getting their preference, is monumental.

Opinion: Final semester: Why I’m leaving SIU without a diploma

Daily Egyptian file photo

By Erin Denae Douglas, Design Chief

May 7, 2020

"I was a college dropout from the beginning, with an ending no one could see coming," writes Design Chief Erin Denae Douglas.

Opinion-Empty Pews: A Christian response to closing churches during the pandemic

The sunset illuminates Pulliam Hall with warm light Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017, at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. (Brian Mu–noz | @BrianMMunoz)

By Bethany Rentfro, Staff Reporter

May 4, 2020

The nation is facing what has been called one of the most unique situations in history and Christians are facing unique spiritual tribulations as a result of the pandemic. 

Volunteer from home by fostering for local animal shelters

Puppies sleep in a caged area inside a surgery room on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017, at St. Francis CARE Animal Shelter in Murphysboro. Kay Crease, the animal shelter's veterinarian, said the puppies have all since been adopted. (Bill Lukitsch | @lukitsbill)

By Alex Williams, Staff Reporter

April 5, 2020

Animal shelters are making tough choices about euthanizing highly adoptable dogs and cats due to the lack of volunteers and more family pets being surrendered because of financial issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Quarantine blues: tips for dealing with depression while in self isolation

Quarantine blues: tips for dealing with depression while in self isolation

By Keaton Yates, Staff Reporter

April 5, 2020

Quarantine has led a lot of students to fall into depressive episodes now that their schedules have been affected, here are some tips to start feeling better while in isolation.

From the Editor: Print is stopping, but our journalism will continue

From the Editor: Print is stopping, but our journalism will continue

By Rana Schenke, Editor in Chief

March 25, 2020

"I expected the DE would cease printing in the near future," Editor in Chief Rana Schenke writes. "I did not expect it would stop this semester or for this reason."

Ten tips for online learning

Ten tips for online learning

By Danny Connolly, Guest Writer

March 23, 2020

Classes have started up again at SIU, except all students are on laptops and tablets instead of in classrooms.

Opinion: COVID-19 should cause us all to question our values

The toilet paper aisle at the Carbondale Walmart sits empty amid coronavirus shortages on Sunday, March 15.

By Kallie Cox, News Editor

March 23, 2020

In a culture that normally screams “Me first!” COVID-19 should leave us all questioning our values and seeking to promote communitarianism. 

“Little Fires Everywhere” and the power of adaptation

Image Courtesy of Hulu

By Kyler Guebert, Staff Reporter

March 23, 2020

From race to motherhood to the consequences of well-intentioned actions, “Little Fires Everywhere” had me hooked from the very beginning and never once let up.  To say my love for the novel influenced how I watched the first three episodes of Hulu’s adaptation of the novel would be both slightly disappointing and accurate. 

Opinion: ‘I don’t care if I have to get my diploma at 30:’ A senior’s thoughts on commencement cancellation

Graduated students react as confetti falls down on them on Saturday, May 11, 2019 during the 2019 commencement inside the SIU Arena.

By Jacob Lorenz, Staff Reporter

March 21, 2020

"Leaving for spring break I had heard rumors the coronavirus could get out of hand and worst-case SIU would extend spring break," staff reporter Jacob Lorenz writes. "Within the span of a week everyone went from “see you after the break” to “see you never?”"

Opinion: Smiling through uncertain tears: The struggles of wedding planning in the midst of COVID-19

Reporter Bethany Rentfro with her fiance, Collin Heyde.

By Bethany Rentfro, Staff Reporter

March 20, 2020

"As the CDC’s urge for social distancing and limiting large gatherings becomes stronger and more serious, us brides are wondering whether we should cancel, postpone or forge ahead with our weddings," staff reporter Bethany Rentfro writes.

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