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SIU welcoming regional high school students to experience campus at first ever SIU Day event
Jackson County judge vacates Gaege Bethune’s murder conviction
Naked Truth: Sexual health seminar plans to inform women on positive sexual relationship
Carbondale mayor threatens firing of Human Relations Commission chair over community roundtable
“My family is just staying prayed up,” North Carolina resident talks about current conditions before Hurricane hits
Medieval Combat Club, a recognized sport club at SIU, is more than LARPing
Column: A day-long nightmare, a Conjuring movie marathon
Column: Gus Bode’s top ten ways to stay antisocial
President Trump issues statement to families of victims in newspaper shooting
Backlash builds against Trump’s policy splitting families at border, falsely blames Democrats
New legislation on texting while driving passes House, moves to governor’s desk
Illinois approves Equal Rights Amendment, 36 years after deadline
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