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Reactions again mixed over second draft of Montemagno’s academic reorganization

Chancellor Carlo Montemagno released the second draft of his academic reorganization plan Nov. 17 with changes to reflect the feedback members of the campus community gave the first draft.

Geology student connects shale research to politics

Geology student Kailey Zalucha came to SIU for science and lab research; now, she’s continuing her lab work into the world of politics.

Film professor ‘inspiring’ students with industry knowledge and teaching philosophy

H.D. Motyl, professor and interim chair of radio, television and digital media, prefers to take a hands-on approach in the classroom.

Steak ‘n Shake slated to open in Student Center in the spring

As the fall semester comes to an end, some students are left wondering when the Student Center Steak ‘n Shake will finally open for business.

After House and Senate Republicans passed sweeping tax legislation last week, some graduate students say they are worried the new laws will make them unable to continue receiving their educations.

University to remember students lost in apartment blaze 25 years ago

On the 25-year anniversary of the Pyramid Apartments fire, which killed five SIU students, a memorial service will be held at 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday at the memorial stone near the Boat Dock at Campus Lake.

Column: Towards horizontal governance of the academy

Southern Illinois University Carbondale is too unstable of an institution to undergo such a seismic shake-up as is insisted upon by the newest administrator.

Letter to the editor: Who we are and what we are not

The Daily Egyptian has recently served as an important forum for information and debate regarding Chancellor Carlo Montemagno’s proposed campus realignment plan. While we collectively and individually have our own thoughts about the reorganization, and have no intention of advocating a position here, we would like to clarify the role of an academic criminology and criminal justice unit within our university.

House passes its tax plan as Senate version comes under new attack

"I love you. Go vote!" Trump told House Republicans, according to those who attended the private meeting.

The Marines returned to Helmand province. Is their mission a blueprint for Trump’s Afghanistan strategy?

The war was going badly in Helmand, one of Afghanistan's most volatile provinces and the deadliest for international forces in 16 years of hostilities.

State senators urge ISBE to accelerate teacher shortage study

According to a recent teacher shortage survey, 60 percent of school districts reported trouble filling teaching positions and 75 percent had seen fewer qualified candidates than in previous years.

Illinois politicians want to improve roads and bridges, but can the state afford it?

"If you look at a lot of the infrastructure in this state, especially in Southern Illinois, a lot was built in the 50s or 60s. We have bridges and roads that are in real need of repair."

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