Solar Fest celebrates 40th anniversary featuring DJs Milk N Cooks

By Austin Phelps, Staff Reporter

Solar Fest is coming Aug. 25 and will be held at Shryock Lawn from 3-6 p.m.

“This year was our 40th anniversary of sunsets,” Carly James, assistant director for student center programs, said. “We just bring different bands from around the country to campus and in town.”

James said Solar Fest is basically an extension of the summer Sunset Concert Series.


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Music played at Solar Fest varies from all genres, James said. This event will feature EDM DJs Milk N Cooks as a way to reach more students.

There are a variety of activities going on from a waterslide and a bounce house to free giveaways from the Health Center, James said.

“There will be inflatables, pizza and it should just be an all around good time,” Jack Peters, general director of programming, said. “Good food, stuff to do and good music.”

James said everyone is invited to attend, including students, faculty, staff and community members from Carbondale and surrounding cities.

“We do have a lot of families come to sunset concerts,” James said. “It really is an event for everyone and it’s free.”

Solar Fest is extending its events throughout the school year rather than its normal summer-only schedule, due to an increase in positive response, James said.


“All the students are like ‘we hear you have all these cool concerts and we’re not here in the summer,’” James said. “So we’re just trying to extend the life of those throughout the school year.”

Solar Fest will be hosting another live event during the month of September for Dawg Fest, James said. The band featured will be Murphy 500.

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