SEMO beats Southern after six season drought


Scott Harper (27) at the mound against the Belmont Bruins April 6th, 2023 at the Itchy Jones Stadium in Carbondale, Ill.

Tuesday the Salukis traveled to Cape Girardeau to take on Southeast Missouri for the second time this season. Southern fell short to a 6-2 loss against the Redhawks, making this the first time SEMO has beat Southern in six seasons. 

The Redhawks got an early lead in the first inning tallying two runs and leaving the Salukis scoreless. At the top of the second Matt Shark singled to center, sending Cole Christman home and Kaeber Rog to third for the Salukis first run of the game. 

In the top of the third, Pier-Olivier Boucher hit a home run to left field scoring the Salukis second and last run of the game. No more runs were scored for the Salukis the rest of the game.


Moving into the top of the ninth inning, Southern had the bases loaded thanks to base hits by Steven Loden and Bennett Eltoft to start the inning. Mathieu Vallee followed with the Salukis third base hit of the inning, making the bases loaded and giving southern a chance. Until SEMO brought out their closer, Kyle Miller to end the game with two straight strikeouts on Nathan Bandy and Boucher, sending Southern home with a 6-2 loss.

The Salukis will be back in action Friday at Itchy Jones Stadium when they take on the Illinois State Redbirds at 6 p.m.

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