Do the Time Warp: Live performance of cult classic coming to Marion 

By Elizabeth Biernacki, Staff Reporter

The Rocky Horror Show Live, based off of the cult classic movie, will be showing at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center. 

The show allows audience participation and encourages dressing up, audience callbacks and throwing items at the stage.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a 1975 movie that has created a cult following, Derek Hamblin, the director and music director of the show, said.


“I mean [the movie] is almost 40 plus years old at this point,” Hamblin said. “The die hard fans have never let it die down, and they just keep on bringing in more fans.” 

Most shows like these have cast actors who will perform the story with the movie playing in the background, Brandyn McGhee, who plays Dr. Frank N. Furter in the show, said. This show is completely live, from the music to the performers on stage.

A performance like this is unique to the area because the movie will not be playing in the background, McGhee said. He said this is the eighth year they’ve put on the production.

“The audience can come and rock out with us with all the music that they know from the movie, and they get to participate in the same way that they would with the movie,” McGhee said.

One of the draws to this story is the interactive aspect of the show. McGhee said callbacks and interactive items will still be allowed.

“Callbacks are like audience responses to things that happen in the movie, and they’re known all over the world,” McGhee said.

A bag of items will be provided including a roll of toilet paper, newspapers, noisemakers and much more, Kaleb Triplett, a past performer of the show, said.


The performers face some challenges, since the show is so interactive with audience members calling out and throwing items, Triplett said.

“Interaction can be challenging,” Triplett said. “Part of the audience has to have a grasp of the callbacks and when to do certain things that don’t affect the moments on stage.”

In previous years, audience members have thrown items on the stage during big musical numbers and have also come up with their own callbacks, Triplett said.

“You have to be on your toes,” Triplett said. “[Audiences] are there to have fun almost regardless of what we’re doing on stage.”

Performances will kick off Halloween night at midnight at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center and show until Nov. 2.

Staff reporter Elizabeth Biernacki can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter at @EBiernacki_619.

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