Hilltoppers Top Saluki Soccer In 3-0 Win

By Tamar Mosby, Sports Reporter

Saluki Soccer traveled south to take on the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers (3-2-1) this evening falling 3-0 in the matchup.

Southern entered the game tonight on a tough 7-0 loss to Ohio University, while WKU entered on a 1-0 loss to Ole Miss.

The Hilltoppers got the ball rolling rather quickly, scoring a goal just under the eight minute mark on a corner kick. 


Two minutes later, WKU was given another corner kick and converted this into another goal pushing their lead to 2-0 over SIU.

The Hilltoppers took four more shots before the Salukis were able to put up their first shot of the game 19 minutes in. The shot was taken by freshman forward Liz Brechtel.

SIU seemed to be struggling offensively and could not keep the ball on their side of the field as WKU out-shot them 17-1 in the first period.

After the single Southern shot at the 19 minute mark, the ball stayed on the Hilltoppers’ offensive end and they were able to put up nine more shots before half time.

While the Salukis were having a tough time reaching their opposers’ goal, freshman Dariana Mihalache was able to keep the SIU goal on lock down for the remainder of the period tallying seven saves before half time.

Neither team was able to increase their score as the clock wound down and the score entering halftime remained 2-0 with SIU trailing.

To start the second half, Southern took its second shot of the game with Brechtel being the attacker once again. The shot by Bretchel was not able to reach the goal and the Hilltoppers took possession of the ball.


Shortly after the shot from the Salukis, Western Kentucky came down the field and shot the ball into the back of the SIU goal pushing their lead to 3-0.

After scoring the goal, WKU went on to take four consecutive shots at the Southern goal. Three of the shots missed the goal and one was saved by Mihalache.

Brechtel was able to gain possession of the ball once again and take another shot for the Salukis, but this shot went off to the right and missed the goal.

Immediately after Brechtel’s third shot of the game, her teammate, freshman forward Madison Meiring, took another shot for Southern, but missed over the top of the goal.

Meiring’s shot was the final attempt the Salukis would take at the WKU goal, while the Hilltoppers took six more shots at the SIU goal. 

None of the Western Kentucky shots reached the back of the net, but the considerable lead they gained early on in the game allowed them to take the win over Southern at 3-0.

The Salukis will take the field again at home on Sunday as they take on the Morehead State University Eagles. Game time is set for 1 pm.

Sports reporter Tamar Mosby can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter at @mosbytamar.

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