Newfangled or old fashioned? What students think of the new logo

By Jacob Lorenz, Staff Reporter

It’s been nearly six months since SIU officially changed its logo of 18 years. The latest logo was created by the marketing firm “Torch Creative” and showcases a white and maroon Saluki with teeth and neutral demeanor. 

The current logo in use was adopted in February, and the previous design that was used from 2001-2019. With a very minimalist design, a determined expression on the Saluki, flowing ears, and the words ‘Southern Illinois Salukis’ underneath this logo is what many current students are used to. 

The Daily Egyptian polled students around campus and asked which logo they preferred.


The survey consisted of six different logos spanning from 1888 to present day. Not every logo from throughout the years was chosen. 

The first logo was in use from 1888-1914 and stands out from the rest by incorporating an N in the logo, indicating SIU’s history of being the second normal school in the state of Illinois. A normal school is an institution that trains high school graduates to become educators. 

The next logo was in use from 1914-1935 and is just a very simplified S and I layered on top of each other. 

The third logo was in use from 1951-1977, this logo was the first to have a Saluki featured since 1951 was the year SIU changed its name from the Maroons to the Salukis. 

The fourth logo is most recognizable to the Saluki alumni Facebook group ‘Carbondale in the 80s and 90s’. With a snarling Saluki showing its teeth this logo was used from 1977-2000. 

From the on-campus poll it was a close battle between the current logo and the previous one. 42 people said they liked the current logo best and 38 people said the previous one was better. The 20 other people voted for the older designs.

Nikki Atkinson, a freshman studying Psychology and Criminology, said she likes the 2001-2019 because it simply looks good and prints on a shirt better. 


Maggie Pugh, a freshman studying Chemistry, said she grew up with the logo and is nostalgic for it. 

Todd Ashdown, a freshman studying Psychology, said he prefers the new design, but says it looks like Lassie.

Jackson Coker, a junior studying Aviation Flight, said it would be cool if they brought back the logo from 1888. 

While some students were nostalgic for the old design, most students agreed the new design is an improvement.

Students were torn between nostalgia for the old design, and excitement for the new one, but ultimately the pull of the newfangled logo won out

What do you think about the new logo? If you didn’t get polled on campus, be sure to take the survey provided by the Daily Egyptian Twitter account.

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