Instructor Ramona Twellman and volunteers Andrea Clark, of Murphysboro, and Mike Ruhland, of Carbondale, walk alongside Eleni Boulukos, 16, of Carbondale, during her therapeutic riding lesson Saturday at Giant City Stables. Laura Boulukos, Eleni’s mother, said her daughter has become stronger and more focused during the two years she has been riding. “When we started, Eleni had just had major orthopaedic surgery, so she was very weak and wasn’t even weight-bearing,” Laura said. “The lessons have really helped her build up her leg strength. It’s beautiful out here. We enjoy coming out every Saturday.” Twellman is certified with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship and has been an instructor at the stables for 14 years. “I do see a lot of improvement in the individuals that come here,” Twellman said. “I see students who initially couldn’t grasp things with their hands, throwing things. I see students that couldn’t talk putting together multiple-word sentences and having conversations.” — May 21, 2016, Makanda, Ill.