Letter to the Editor: ‘Where is Mike Henry’s response?’


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Carbondale Mayor Mike Henry talks about Thursday’s shooting death of 19-year-old Javon T. Trott, of Johnston City, on Friday, March 10, 2017, at Carbondale Civic Center.

By Rebecca Schlosser

Two weeks ago, an article detailing discrepancies between the police report and Mike Henry’s personal account of the dispute that occurred in the home of Mike Henry and his wife, Theresa Henry, only two nights before the city elections, was published.

Two whole weeks have passed and the city of Carbondale has yet to hear a word from Mike Henry in regard to the events that took place in his home in the early hours of March 30th, or why he lied about them.

There has been quite a bit of speculation regarding the events of that night, but the personal lives of the Henry family are none of our business. What IS our business, however, is that he lied about the events, and that the Carbondale PD showed preferential treatment when they made no arrests.


The fact of the matter is that a domestic dispute occurred in the Henry home in the early hours of March 30th leaving Mike Henry with a bite mark on his hand and smears of blood on Theresa Henry, after a scuffle for a cellphone.

The day before the election, Mike Henry had said that there was “no threat of violence,” as was reported in the Daily Egyptian on April 1st, but the police report contradicts these statements.

While these were obviously internal affairs, an important fact to consider in this situation is that the details of this event were covered up until after the election and were only obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

His constituents should be demanding him to break his silence on this matter.  This affects not only him and his family, but also the people of the city of Carbondale.

The residents of Carbondale deserve a clear answer as to why the events that took place were not disclosed until after the election and why he covered them up in the first place. Perhaps he was afraid that he would lose the election, were he being truthful.

It is fairly well known that law enforcement will keep information about a case under wraps until an investigation is complete, but the SIU police were suddenly involved due to their being a supposedly “non-biased” party.

What does this say about the Carbondale police department and their bias toward the Henry family? Will Henry be willing to explain that as well, or is this a matter better taken up with the Carbondale PD and the SIU police?


As constituents of Mike Henry, we should demand answers from him. We have endured his silence long enough. Demand that he explain his lies and,  if he refuses to do even that, demand his resignation.

Rebecca Schlosser, of Carbondale, can be reached at r[email protected].

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