The great pet debate — who’s better cats or dogs?

By Elizabeth Biernacki, Staff Reporter

We all love a cute animal that will spend its time with us as we procrastinate doing our work, but which do you prefer, a cat or a dog?

Both the feline and the canine have their ups and downs, but many people have drastically different viewpoints about which companion is the superior.

It’s the big debate that can break up even the strongest of relationships— will there ever be a definitive answer we can all agree one? The simple answer: no.


While both animals have their benefits and drawbacks, each are unique in their own ways, making it difficult to compare the two.

Here are some differences cats and dogs have from each other.


  • Independent animals, so they’re more likely to express their opinions
  • Night owls; they tend to be more active at night than during the day
  • They can be trained, but keep in mind that they will need shorter and more frequent sessions due to their independence
  • Life expectancy is 12 to 25-years-old


  • Pack animals, so they’re more likely to rely on your for instruction
  • Early risers; they tend to be more active during the day than at night
  • They can be trained easily due to their willingness to follow a leader as pack animals
  • Life expectancy is 12 to 18-years-old

Through these differences comes the bests for each individual.

The best things about owning a cat

  • Low maintenance, they even bathe themselves
  • Feeling special when they decide to spend time with you
  • Many instances where cat intervention has saved lives
  • A good pet for beginners
  • Great pest control
  • You don’t have to let them outside; they can go independently in a litter box

The best things about owning a dog


  • Lovable and are always excited to see you.
  • Many uses including service work, herding and more.
  • Getting physical activity is a breeze
  • They teach responsibility
  • They are good for protection, in a home or out and about
  • They will help you get on a schedule

However, owning an animal in general has its benefits.

The best things about both

  • They all love to cuddle!
  • Animals are great stress relief
  • There’s always something there for emotional support
  • They are wonderful companions

So, whatever you decide is the superior pet, both are pretty great in their own regards.

Elizabeth Biernacki, staff reporter, can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter at @EBiernacki_619.

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