Student accused of being a Nazi no longer enrolled at SIU

By Kallie Cox, Staff Reporter

A Southern Illinois University Carbondale student recently accused of belonging to a neo-Nazi organization is no longer enrolled at the university, the Southern Illinoisan reported.

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The Southern Illinoisan said according to Lori Stettler, vice chancellor of student affairs, the student ceased to be enrolled at the Carbondale campus last Wednesday after meeting with the dean of students.


Stettler did not say to the Southern Illinoisan what the terms of the student’s departure from the university were, citing SIUC students’ rights to privacy in reference to their educational records.

The student was accused after leaked Discord chats, a freeware voice-over-internet applications, had a user called “Fash Dragon” posted chat messages in a Discord server, including an image of the student as well as various messages of hate speech.

This particular Discord server had a chat channel called “Fourth Reich.” In it, Fash Dragon’s posts included saying the group in the Discord server should walk into black neighborhoods with guns, calling each other “jew shills.”

After these chats were leaked, and white supremacist fliers were placed at John A. Logan community college, a protest called Rally Against Racism was held at SIU.

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