Letter to the Editor: President Dunn has failed to serve

By Emily Buice, Former SIUC Undergraduate Student Government President

Dear President Dunn,

As one of the “bitchers from Carbondale,” as you so eloquently put it, I am appalled, as is most of the Carbondale community over your behavior regarding the Carbondale campus.

The April meeting of the Board of Trustees made many question your motives, the recent article from former SIUC faculty senate president Kathleen Chwalisz in the Southern Illinoisan most certainly took any doubt out of my mind.  

It is clear that you are incapable of working with someone you have differing opinions with – to the point where you actively plotted to destroy one of the last university systems in Illinois.

You deliberately took steps with the SIUE Chancellor to blindside the Carbondale campus to either give up millions of dollars based on arbitrary numbers, or face the dissolution of a university system.

Dissolving the SIU system would take resources away from thousands of students and have taken away the bargaining power a system holds through advocating for a larger number of systems.

President Dunn, in short, your ego has put SIU in jeopardy and you have ultimately failed to serve the students of this system because of it.

I won’t argue that the allocation of state funding to SIUC and SIUE should be reevaluated.

However, it should be looked at by a third party, not as a flawed and biased report that was obviously intended to serve the purposes of President Dunn and not the purposes of SIU students.

Progress should not be shoved through back doors as President Dunn obviously attempted.

The clear disregard for the good of the SIU system clearly shows that Randy Dunn has no place as a leader within it.

Emily Buice is the former SIUC Undergraduate Student Government President.  She can be reached at her email at [email protected]

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