Betty Louise Kiefer, of De Soto, grabs a tag for a customer’s order April 21 at Horstman’s Cleaners & Furriers in Carbondale. Kiefer is 87 years old and has worked at the local dry cleaners since she was 18. When she started she wanted to help her husband with building their home in De Soto. “We’d order a load of lumber and we’d get that paid for and we’d order another load of lumber until we got our house built,” she said. Kiefer still lives in the same house her husband built. She said she likes working so she continued doing it. “I just like it and people seem to like me,” Kiefer said. “They expect me to be out there if they come. I’m the fixture at Horstman’s Cleaners.” — April 21, 2016, Carbondale, Ill.