Recreation Center shows off new looks and programs

Recreation Center shows off new looks and programs

By Austin Miller

All hands will be on deck for intramural Canoe Battleship, one of the new activities offered at the Recreation Center this year.

Shane Bennett, assistant director of intramural sports and sport clubs, said it is a tournament where teams of four will take to the pool to sink the canoe of the other team. Buckets will be provided for teams, but splashing is also an acceptable technique.

Corne Prozesky, associate director of facilities and operations, said he saw videos of other universities playing the game and is excited for students to find out how fun battleship can be.


“Seeing students getting in their battleships and then sinking each other,” Prozesky said. “You certainly see some competitive nature among the pirates.”

Prozesky urges all students, regardless of athletic history to come out and play.

The tournament is Nov. 8, but it will host battleship on Oct. 28 to raise money for the Carbondale Splash Park.

Fit Fridays are another new program offered at the Rec.

Stephanie Punda, a fitness graduate assistant, said Fit Fridays take place from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m one Friday a month. The program is geared for people who do not want to purchase a fit pass. Fit Fridays will range from a single exercise, to mixes of different exercises. The latest Fit Friday, on Sept. 5 featured 20-minute segments of different programs.

Punda said more than 40 students were in attendance.

“I hope just the opportunity to try the classes and have the ability to see there’s a different type of fitness out there, instead of just using the weight room, but seeing that a group setting can make a such a difference and keep them coming back,” Punda said.


All of the new activities, except the fundraiser, are free to attend.

The Recreation Center recently underwent renovations, which were the result of a $4 million energy conservation project to help the center be more energy efficient.

Prozesky said installation of 16 new heating and air conditioning units was completed over the summer. New LED and skylights were installed in the swimming pool. LED is more efficient and skylights allow the center to not use lights during the day.

The roof of the complex was redone for the first time since 1977 and

bathrooms had stalls, doors and other amenities replaced as well.

“We have the latest and greatest state-of-the-art equipment and we save energy,” he said. “We will see a better product at a lower energy cost.”

The climbing wall also was upgraded. Three walls with different climbing difficulties were added. Students were able to suggest rock patterns and those designs were submitted to So iLL Holds, the company that made the handholds founded by alumni David and Daniel Chancellor.

“So far, everyone has told us they love the new walls,” Prozesky said.

Additional information about activities and event can be found on the Recreation Center’s website at