I am: individuals embrace their differences

By Holiday Wagner, @HolidayWagnerDE

Each person who lives is an intricately constructed individual derived from different backgrounds, environments, and experiences. Every human has a story and although we experience different forms of adversity and oppression throughout life, people still manage to bring their own type of beauty into the world.

Whether by acting as members of the global community, or a more local one like a college campus, workplace, or a home, the effects of oppression can still be felt. No one should feel their life is small or their voice not strong.

We are the human race and together we can guide the world into an era of progression. “I Am” works to demonstrate the unity of individuals by breaking down the barriers set by racial stereotyping and showcasing individuals with their words rather than their pigment.


People have the ability to find empowerment by reclaiming and redefining their differences as something that adds to who they are, rather than limiting what they could be. Speak out, be proud, and embrace individuality.