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What is the Daily Egyptian?

The DE is the student-run newspaper for the SIUC community, serving the campus since 1916.

Who makes up the SIUC community?


Carbondale, IL is made up of 25,902 residents, with nearly 18,000 students attending Southern Illinois University. In addition, more than 1,200 faculty and staff members work and live in the SIUC community.

When is the DE published?

The Daily Egyptian is published four days a week during the fall and spring semesters, and two days a week in the summer semester. Click to Publication Schedule for exact and current information. Also, special publications such as our annual Back-To-Campus and Career Fair Editions are distributed throughout the year.

Who reads the Daily Egyptian?

Roughly 7,800 copies of the Daily Egyptian are freely distributed at nearly 200 locations across campus, throughout Carbondale and other surrounding communities. Research shows that 99 percent of SIUC students, almost 75 percent of faculty and staff, and 50 percent of the Carbondale community read the DE at least once a week*. Thousands more read the Daily Egyptian every day online. 97% of college newspaper readership have read the print version while 47% have read the online version. 68% of readers read the entire issue. On average, readers spend 14 minutes reading the print edition. 86% of college newspaper readers use coupons.

Who works at the DE?

Nearly 80 SIUC students work as editors, reporters, photographers, page designers, graphic artists, advertising sales representatives, production technicians and circulation drivers. Five professional staff members work as advisers and department managers.

How is the DE supported?

The newspaper’s only source of revenue is through advertising. As of this writing, the university does not provide any funding for the production of the newspaper, only facilities. All computers, newsprint, supplies and salaries are paid for through advertising revenue. (Update: “Student government passes publication fee” – support expected start sometime in 2014.)

Who determines what is going in the paper?

The student editors have sole control over the content of the paper. Students make all the assignments, do all the reporting, editing, photography and design, and make all decisions determining if and when a story will run.

What awards has the DE won?

Several! The Daily Egyptian has won awards from the Illinois College Press Association and was the recipient of the National Newspaper Pacemaker for General Excellence, the nation’s most prestigious award.

*According to research conducted by Five Star Consulting, Fall 2001.


The Daily Egyptian has the second largest circulation of any newspaper in southern Illinois, and the most of any college newspaper in the state.

The Daily Egyptian is one of only nine college newspapers in the nation that owns and operates its own printing press.


Gus Bode has been appearing in the DE paper since 1956, commenting daily on the news from the average student’s perspective.


Letters and guest columns must be submitted with author’s contact information, preferably via email.  Phone numbers are required to verify authorship, but will not be published.  Students must include year and major.  Faculty must include rank and department.  Others include hometown.  Submissions should be sent to [email protected]


The Daily Egyptian, the student-run newspaper of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, is committed to being a trusted source of news, information commentary and public discourse, while helping readers understand the issues affecting their lives.


The Daily Egyptian is published by the students of Southern Illinois University Carbondale and functions as a laboratory for the school of journalism in exchange for the room and utilities in the Communications Building. The Daily Egyptian is a non-profit organization that survives primarily off of its advertising revenue.  Offices are in the Communication Building, Room 1259, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Carbondale, Ill., 62901: Uche Onyebadi, fiscal officer. 


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