Rain delays Pokémon GO with SIU police until Monday



Pokémon GO. (Niantic, Inc.)

By Anna Spoerre

SIU police are postponing their event to play Pokémon GO with the community.

“It is with sadness we report that Pokemon w/the Police is postponed until next Monday, due to So. Much. Rain,” SIU police tweeted today. “Let others know as needed.”

SIU Police Sgt. Chad Beights said the event was originally planned after police noticed how many people were outside playing in the evening.


“We figured it would be a good way for us to get into the community,” he said.

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Beights said police will also use the opportunity to discuss trespassing laws and precautions that should be taken when playing at night.

Beights, who learned about the game from his son, said at least five officers, including himself, are planning to join students next week.

The event, which the Department of Public Safety is calling “Pokémon with the police,” will be from 3 to 5 p.m. Aug. 22 at Shyrock Auditorium.

“This is an informal way to meet several SIU police officers,” according to a flyer the department tweeted last week. “Feel free to play Pokémon GO with the police officers and/or other students.”

The first 20 participants will get a gift card for a free 16-ounce shaken ice tea from Blend Tea and Crepe Lounge on South University Avenue, police said.


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