Wayne Taylor and Karen Taylor, both 52 and from Anna, have been living at Good Samaritan Ministries for more than a week now and job searching has not turned up well for either. Wayne’s newly found health issues have crippled his ability to be the man he used to be. “I have high blood pressure and I’ve got a couple of bad disks in my back,” Wayne said. “That takes away my pride.” Karen is a registered nurse and had to walk away from work after some issues came up in her life. She worked with the Teen Parenting Services program through the Southern Illinois Health Department. The shelter isn’t a new place for the two. Wayne and Karen were residents six months ago. Job searching has become difficult with health issues and employers are just looking to hire younger generations, Karen said.If you have a massive stroke, you’re not in a coma but you are paralyzed from the neck down and you are hooked up to all of these ventilators. You can’t move your neck, you can’t move or talk but you can see everyone coming and going, that’s how it makes us feel. – Karen Taylor