Residency requirement will no longer be discussed at city council meeting

By Marissa Novel, @MarissaNovelDE

The Carbondale City Council will not be addressing an ordinance to amend a code which requires its executive staff to live within city limits at tonight’s meeting. 

Mayor John Henry pulled the item after requests from the council and citizens were made, according to the press release issued Tuesday.

The code requires the city manager, police chief and fire chief, among others, to live within the city’s limits in order to serve their positions.


If the code were to be amended, this would no longer be required and officials would be able to reside outside of Carbondale.

“This is not the relationship our employees should have with the people they work for,” Jane Adams said in an email. “Ideally, all city employees would live within the city limits. But, minimally, the people directly responsible for administering the city’s business should live shoulder to shoulder with those they serve, with who pay their salaries.”

A solution to amend the code was suggested by City Manager Kevin Baity because many people who are eligible to be promoted to executive positions do not live within the city, according to the email.

City Manager Baity said the city council has no specified future date to address the item.