“The Overnight” culminates as solid comedic entertainment

By Jacob Wiegand, @JacobWiegand_DE

The majority of comedies fail miserably in terms of quality cinema, but every so often an exception emerges. 

“The Overnight” (Rated R; 79 min) directed by Patrick Brice, benefits greatly from a variety solid performances from its four leads and a plethora of witty and entertaining scenes.

However, the film does not achieve the level of landmark cinema. While it is a significant step above most comedies, “The Overnight” ultimately fails to reach the depth it strives to attain.


A comedy like “Juno,” from 2007, tackles its themes head on, but “The Overnight” often dances around what it wants to say and finally leaves the audience wanting something more significant.

The film finds Alex and Emily, played by Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling, and their young son RJ, played by R. J. Hermes, at their new home in Los Angeles facing the task of finding new friends in the big and unfamiliar city.

However, their problem soon finds a potential solution when RJ meets Max, played by Max Moritt, while playing at the local park. The friendly meeting soon leads to Alex and Emily meeting Max’s energetic father, Kurt, played by Jason Schwartzman. Kurt insists the family come to their home for dinner and thus this chance meeting begins a day, and night, of oddities.

Upon arriving at Kurt’s home, Alex, Emily, and RJ are introduced to Max’s mother Charlotte, played by Judith Godrèche. While RJ and Max run around the house playing, Alex and Emily soon become more acquainted with Charlotte and learn that she is a masseuse from France.

After dinner, Max and RJ become tired and Alex and Emily decide it would be best for them to return home. But at the insistence of Kurt and Charlotte, Alex and Emily decided to stay and continue the evening, putting Max and RJ to bed.

Alex and Emily soon discover that Kurt owns a brand of water filters that can even filter waste water and Charlotte is an actress in a series of breast pump videos which Nordic men like to use for porn. Alex eventually discovers Kurt enjoys painting and is currently working on a series of anus paintings.


Before long, Alex and Emily begin to suspect that Kurt and Charlotte may be interested in something more than friendship.

The evening turns into a night of illumination and self-discovery as Alex begins to break out of his comfort zone and realizes a life free from the confines of feelings of inadequacies.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed my experience with “The Overnight.” I found myself laughing at the sheer awkwardness of the many situations in the lives of these young couples.

It is not a film that I would deem one of my favorites nor is it a film which is likely to appear on my top ten list for 2015. However, regardless of its shortcomings, it is an enjoyable piece of movie fun.

3.5 out of 5 stars