SIU reintroduces skydiving club

By Shannon Allen, @ShannonAllen_DE

For the first time in five years, students can go onto an airplane and free fall into the sky.

The SIU skydiving club has not been active for the past five years because of a lack of participation, according to Jared Stern, president of the Sports Club Executive Board.

Brett Baker, a sophomore from Marissa studying aviation flight and management, restarted the registered student organization on Friday. 


“I wanted to start this RSO up again because I have a love for adrenaline rushes and trying new things,” Baker said. “This club will give the university an extreme sport option and it also allows for college students to try something new and exciting. It’s good to get away from school work for a day and do something crazy.” 

For this to be a club again, Baker had to get 10 signatures on a petition, draft a constitution, get a faculty adviser and create a web page for the club. The faculty adviser is David Blood from the College of Applied Sciences and Arts.

In order to jump, one must pass an introductory ground course into skydiving course covering the safety and emergency precautions of skydiving. The class costs $220, including an introductory membership to the United States Parachuting Association, and usage of the airplane and equipment.

Taking off from Cairo in a Cessna 182 — an airplane modified for skydivers — members fly to 4,500 feet for their first jump. Every jump after costs $75 and moves to a higher altitude.

Heather Brake, coordinator of student involvement, had to approve the club before it could get started. She said Baker’s petition, constitution and plans for the club passed Brake’s test of approval with flying colors.

“I would probably have to be pushed out of the airplane in order to do it, but this would be an awesome club for anyone who likes that rush, and I’m excited for this to get started,” Brake said.

For more information on this club or if you are interested in joining, contact Brett Baker at [email protected]


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