‘The Martian’ soars to perfection

After “Saving Private Ryan” and “Interstellar,” someone could have stopped saving Matt Damon. But if this film gives any indication, it might be better to keep following the trend. 

“The Martian,” directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain, lives up to the hype and provides a stunning, soon-to-be science-fiction classic in which Damon’s character is stuck on Mars and has to attempt to escape. 


After a large critical slump with “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” “The Counselor” and “Prometheus,” Scott is back and has made one of his best films to date.

He gives us an ensemble cast, and makes sure every character is well-developed.

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Watching the trailers, one could assume “The Martian” was going to be 100 percent Damon. Just Damon stuck on Mars would have been a fine movie, especially with the loneliness his character goes through.

The movie shows Damon the most, but every actor gets their due. Characters who could be easy stereotypes end up gaining your empathy quickly.

Some may complain more time could be given to a few actors other than Damon, but the movie never leaves you wanting in this area; he gives an Oscar-worthy performance.

Damon brings humor and humanity to the role. The character comes off as a relatable, but genius individual with the way he speaks and acts.


He is helped by a fantastic script written by Drew Goddard, but not just anyone could play Mark Watney. Damon brings raw emotion to various scenes and ends up being the reason you cry to this film.

Stars: 5 out 5

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