USG President encourages diversity, participation

By Gus Bode

prepares for fall semester

There are several things we are currently working on for this summer and the upcoming school year. Every week this summer, we have set up a table at the SOAR (Student Orientation Advisement Registration) programs, trying to encourage incoming freshmen to become a part of Undergraduate Student Government and be active on this campus.

I have personally met with administrators on a continuing basis to try to give them a better understanding of some of the concerns students on this campus have. I have met with President James Walker, Chancellor Walter Wendler and Vice-Chancellor Larry Dietz.


My executive staff has already made several trips to Springfield in an attempt to lobby the state for additional funding for SIUC. We are working hard to bring state legislators a better understanding of educational issues and student concerns. I have also met with representatives from the Illinois Board of Higher Education, and we have agreed to work together to improve the education at SIUC. We will collectively educate our state legislators this year so education will be justly prioritized.

I have also called for a full review of the Student Conduct Code, which has not been reviewed in its entirety for years.

In addition, my executive staff is currently planning the USG annual retreat that will take place the first week of school. This year we have added a barbeque to the retreat, which will be open to all students. This will give USG senators time to meet their constituents and students time to meet their elected representatives. My chief of staff, Joel Landry, is currently planning events to bring students together on this campus from all ages, races and cultures.

We also are working on events that will unite the campus and the community. There will be several off-campus student activities this year. I have also been working with the City of Carbondale on the Human Relations Commission that will be formed to counter racism and other prejudices.

We are awaiting the arrival of students this fall to address any of their concerns and ideas for the upcoming school year.