Voices bios, fall 2002

By Gus Bode

Major:Journalism with a specialty in photojournalism; minor in psychology

This is my fourth semester at the DE, my second as photo editor and my last altogether because I will graduate in December. As a senior, one might expect that all my concerns would focus on enjoying my youth while I still have it. Although part of this is true, other goals for me this semester include preparing for my career after college and working diligently to help present the best images of daily life in Southern Illinois to the public so that they might make a deep impact on everyone who sees them.

Major:Radio-Television with a specialty in news; minor in Black American Studies


This is my third semester with the DE and I plan to make the best of it. Throughout the semester I hope someone somewhere is affected by my words, whether it be in a negative or positive way.

I was born in a small town where I learned the value of what it means to give someone your word. I believe in America and all that it stands for. Carbondale is a great place to live. SIUC is one of the best schools in the country. America, Carbondale, SIUC and myself could all be better. None of us at this paper have the answers; we might just be able to provide the information that you need to make a difference. In the process, I will learn to understand myself because in the end we all breathe, bleed, cry, and if we’re lucky, love.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the DE, where I began working last fall. I look forward to bringing the community’s news to you during the upcoming months.

This is my third semester at the DE. I have enjoyed my time at the paper immensely. I have the body of a Greek god, but I am more brains than brawn. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. I hope to work at a large-market newspaper as a sports reporter upon my graduation next December. Of course, with the way the job market is looking these days, I’ll probably end up as the only garbage man with a bachelor’s degree.

Working at the Daily Egyptian for seven semesters has exposed me to a range of people and experiences, giving me an open mind about many things. Feminist and nature issues tend to be at the forefront of my agenda. I believe that anything is possible if you’re motivated enough.

We create are a student newspaper and students are who we cover. In every position I have had for the last two semesters at the DE, I have seen students’ lifestyles, heard their opinions and discovered their issues. Now, as the student life editor, I want to take that information and write and help all reporters put stories in the newspaper that touch on all students’ opinions, lifestyles and issues.

This is my third semester at the DE and as the Voices editor I hope to inspire, just as those before me have.


“When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse, I caught a bolt of lightening- cursed the day I let it go – I was a nothing man – now I’m a better man.”