Criticism of coach uncalled for, alkarakiletter_9/11_sh_vox

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:This is in response to the letter posted in the Daily Egyptian on Monday entitled “Worst-coached game ever.” The ignorant comments made in this letter show that not only does the author of this piece not know what good coaching is, but it is very possible that he might not know as much about the game of football as he may think he does.

What makes a good coach is not the number of wins that he can tally up. What makes a good coach is his ability to instill the will to win, but more importantly, the will to compete in his players.

Regardless of the outcome, our Salukis competed from the opening kickoff until the sound of the last buzzer. Coach Kill put his Salukis in a position to win this past Saturday night, and that is what a good coach does.


If the Saluki football team continues to play with the emotion and perseverance that they played with the first two weeks of the season, the wins will take care of themselves. Good luck Salukis!

College of Business and Administration/ SIU football fan