I’ve started my letter writing campaign to MTV in hopes that they will film their next reality show here in Carbondale. Now I know Carbondale is not as exciting as New York, Chicago, New Orleans, or Hawaii, but isn’t the show about the people and not the location?

By Gus Bode

Well take a look around you; there are more drama queens on this campus than in any soap opera. For instance, I was watching an episode of sorority life (yes sorority life) and these two girls were fighting because one of them thought the other was talking to a guy she dated a while back.

Long story short, she was wrong and they both looked like fools. When did dating a person become a conquest? At no time in my years of dating have I ever found a flag planted on some girl’s ass that says conquered by so and so.

Such was the case at a party I threw. Some guy kissed two girls and one got mad at the other until it became a big deal and ruined everyone’s night. It’s this childish Dawson’s Creek, high school mentality that will ruin your college experience.


This is Carbondale, not Road Rules, or the Real World or Survivor. Grow up. Maybe it’s because I’m 25, but I truly believe I’m the most immature person I know so that cant be it.

Honestly I am just so sick of people making things out to be more than what they are. Nobody’s out to destroy you and even if they were, you go to SIU so you’re not going to amount to anything anyway.

Students here have such a cosmopolitan attitude as if they were the cogs in the system making the world go round. In my observations this happens mostly with women here at SIU, undergraduate freshmen and sophomore girls, who have yet to realize that just cause some guy doesn’t like you, it doesn’t mean the world will stand still.

It’s often said that women are the fairer sex because they cry, show their emotions more readily, engage in meaningful conversations and attempt to be diplomatic. I tend to disagree with this sentiment. While women exhibit all of these traits, they are more vindictive.

Guys wear their hearts on their sleeve. Yes, we are more prone to violent altercations but at least our exhibitions are expressing how we truly feel. Can any of us say that we actually know what a woman is thinking? Aren’t women usually the cause of men’s violent interactions?

Maybe guys are like this from watching too many war movies, maybe women watch too much Lifetime (man-hater channel), or maybe they are all brainwashed by Oprah. I think guys should stop fighting for women, over women and about women. Let them fight their own battles and when they are done getting the crap beaten out of them, getting their hair pulled out and eyes gouged by other females maybe they will realize that life doesn’t revolve around them and they’ll stop being drama queens.

Think about it, there are plenty of nice guys to go around, but women date jerks so they can have something to complain about. Well I for one am tired of hearing about your evil boyfriend, find a nice guy and move on with your life.