Food and flowers can cut monotony

By Gus Bode

The thing that makes relationships differ from friendship is the quality time and maintenance involved in making it run smoothly. The longer we are involved in a relationship, the more things tend to fall into a pattern of comfort and convenience. Over time, monogamy evolves into monotony.

During the initial phases of dating your current partner, there is a zealous effort to win their affection. You ponder thoughtful ways to improve their day and to keep your presence on their mind. You will go to great extremes (love poems, diets, shaving regularly) to impress them in hopes you will one day become exclusively theirs.

After you enter into a relationship, those little details and efforts begin to fade more quickly than an American Idol’s music career. Soon, saying “I love you” while ending a phone call gets as much reaction as “God bless you” following a sneeze.


Cuddling, handholding and foreplay become luxuries of a relationship that has become a lifestyle. Romantic gestures come in forms of dinner in front of Monday Night Football rather than breakfast in bed. Sweet calls goodnight have turned into text message reminders to pick-up the dry cleaning. And the times when your money provided the bling-bling on your sweetie’s neck now provide the boo-hoo accessorizing your credit debt.

The relationship may start to seem like a burden rather than a loving coupling, especially when you see new couples experiencing the “everlasting love” phase.

Before you doubt the idea of getting back to the place and the person you fell in love with, try to rekindle the relationship with some unexpected romance.

Romance, in all its gestures, is what makes relationships truly differ from friendships. It is what makes a person feel special and is a tangible expression of love. Sometimes, especially for men, it is hard to show emotion verbally. Romantic ideas and well planned-out events can show how much he cares without having to make himself vulnerable by explaining his feelings.

Being romantic is simple, but just in case you are still weary on making a loving notion count, remember that thought and time are ultimately what make romance work.

First, start with the basics:Flowers and food. Creativity is what puts the thought of romanticism back into the equation. Send a loved one 11 roses. They (especially a girl) will more than likely count and smell each and every one. Once they notice the shortage, they will begin to remember what a cheep dirt-bag you are, only to later find the 12th waiting with you. Overcoming doubt helps build trust – you smooth operator.

Everyone likes to eat, and for some odd reason it has become synonymous with romance. One has to wonder just how much candlelight can really disguise garlic breath and fettuccini drippings to give a meal a lustful feel. Nevertheless, food remains a couple’s best pastime. Cooking together is fun and functional, and if you are consistent with compliments, you can make your partner feel good and appreciated.


To reward them with all of their hard work, you can also provide desert, which can be a cake with a personalized message scrolled in icing or a specific number of chocolate-covered strawberries signifying all off the things you like about them. Each should be fed to them as you recite the ways they make you happy.

Unexpected romance is always the best to let someone know you care. It also gets you laid more often, and that is exactly what makes relationships different from friendships.

Do what you will with my advice, but don’t take it too much to heart. After all, I am the Single Guy.