Listen to the world; find your own personality

By Gus Bode

Everyone has their own personal window of the world they peer through. We all, no matter how much we have in common, whether in appearance or personalities, have our own special style that makes us genuine. This style acts as an identification of our individuality, spirit and soul. It is like a world tattoo.

No one is exactly alike, but that is all right. It adds to the mystery that surrounds us and captivates the energy of billions of people that despite their place in life, whether it be class, race or location flows through all of us like a river hidden deep within a mountain range.

Science and math paints the people of this world as just a bunch of numbers, zeroes and ones – a population of beings who reproduce and die. Our individual minds and souls cry out for independence and truth. We do not just eat and drink and reproduce. We dream and wonder and create.


Our dreams are amazing and take us places beyond the confinement of history books and school walls. We cannot let the structured hand of education tutor us to our graves. There is so much more locked away inside our minds. We have become too reliant on the eases of technology and advancements to do our thinking for us.

The television raises our children as we hurry ourselves to work and stare at the rear bumper of the car in front of us. We complain about having no time, hurry-hurry … rush-rush. Yet the great minds of times past and present were and are afforded the same amount of time the rest of us have right now.

The greatest artists, creators, inventors, writers, leaders, composers, musicians and on down the list all had just 24 hours in a day. They also dreamed just as we do. They just opened their minds to it and listened to the beauty of silence by drowning the outside roar of the world. They fished for truth and revelation in the river of their minds … the same river that connects all of us together spiritually.

It happens to all of us when we can’t sleep at night and we stare at the ceiling wondering about life and all of its possibilities until we finally fall asleep. It is that moment of truth when you finally become aware of something that for some reason never revealed itself to you before.

It is the feeling of understanding when you walk through a crowded street and share a glance with a complete stranger … yet even though it is quick and fleeting, it feels like you communicated for hours.

It should be a universal understanding of our people that we are more than just these bodies … we are more than just flesh and bone. We are amazing creatures with unfathomable potential. This potential is a scary thing. It is so scary that we build walls, religions and governments to harness it. We are so afraid of the unknown.

There was a point in time when the great minds of the era were persecuted and exterminated for displaying this potential. Now we have become so used to ignoring it that the threat is almost non-existent. The great minds are given their freedom and considered alternative art, kind of like a side dish at a nice restaurant. They are pushed from their soapboxes and moved to cable and late-night HBO specials where the majority of the captive audience is falling to a nave sleep.


If you listen closely, you can hear the collective sighs of a world softly sleeping to the comfortable security of estranged reality.

Piattology appears every Wednesday. Jack is a senior in advertising. His views do not necessarily reflect those of the Daily Egyptian.