Bartender of the Week_8-26_sl_pulse

By Gus Bode

Jason Sereno (byline at end of the write up?)

Arthead:Bartender of the Week

Work schedule:Wednesday nights at Callahan’s and Every weekend at Carboz


How did you start serving drinks? I started in Carboz’s old sports bar, which is now Callahans.

Best bartending story:After throwing away wadded napkins sitting in front of a particular customer’s glass throughout the night. I looked down the bar at one point to realize that he was blowing his nose [on the napkins]. I thought I was just keeping the bar tidy, but I was picking up and throwing away his snot rags the whole night. It was gross!

Most popular drink at your bar:Ice Bomb shots and Black and Tans

Specialty drink:The Sui! A combination of multiple Stolichnaya Russian Vodkas and mixtures.

Best tip you’ve ever received:$40 for a bottle of wine

If I wasn’t bartending, I would be:taking trips out of town for the weekend

What do you do after you get off work? Usually I find an after hours party to go to with my fellow employees, or we create one of our own.


Favorite people to work with:Any positive, energetic people who are able to get the job done and have fun while doing it.

Favorite customers:Those who are friendly and tip.

Best part about your job:Being able to meet and interact with so many interesting people, and walking out with a pocket full of cash!

Hardest part about your job:Trying to keep every customer happy.

Who is a better tipper, men or women? As a female bartender, I’d personally say men are a better tipper.

Number of times you’ve watched “Cocktail?” Maybe three?

Favorite Tom Cruise movie, if not “Cocktail?” “Top Gun”