Work-study decision in by Friday

By Gus Bode

No official comment on committee’s findings

The University’s work-study committee hopes to have a decision Friday on whether private businesses in the Student Center can continue using federal work-study money to pay their employees.

“We’re trying to get something resolved by the end of the week,” said Daniel Mann, director of the Financial Aid Office, “but I don’t know if it will happen or not.”


The Financial Aid Office began investigating the controversy after a professor questioned a sign in front of McDonald’s that read the fast-food restaurant were hiring students with work-study awards. In response to the inquiry, Mann formed a committee to look into the issue of private businesses using federal dollars to employ students.

Response from departments and professors brought the matter to the Faculty Senate’s attention. In its meeting Tuesday, the Senate announced it would further discuss the matter when the committee’s findings are released.

Jim Allen, chair of the Undergraduate Education Policy Committee, said the Senate would wait to act until Mann’s committee had more information available.

Although the federal conduct code says work-study funds can be used by on-campus businesses, the vague wording leaves room for interpretation. Most of the University’s peers do not allow work-study funds to go to private businesses, due either to differences in interpretation or to greater need elsewhere.

Mann declined to comment on the committee’s findings and would not say what he expects the committee to decide.