Sports banter

By Gus Bode

Sports Banter:

Alfonso Soriano was re-activated Monday after spending 22 days on the disabled list. The Cubs went 8-11 during that time. Will Soriano’s presence in the lineup have a positive effect on the Cubs and will he help in a postseason run?

“Soriano’s presence in the lineup will indubitably provide more RBI opportunities for Cubs hitters, but the only way he can help recreate the run the club went on immediately preceding and following the All Star break is if he picks a fight with a certain bat-breaking pitcher or incites Piniella into a hat-stomping fit.” – Sean McGahan


“I don’t know about the running game, but as far as confidence in the Bears in general, I have none. I waited around last January – after I had to watch the Super Bowl Shuffle on repeat for days – for the Bears to dominate in the Super Bowl and for drunk kids to tear down the Strip. I didn’t see any of that happen so therefore I have no confidence. I’m pretty sure this is going to be the year of the Ram.” – Megan Kramper

“The Cubs are 6-4 in their last 10 games and currently lead the NL Central, so they look primed to take this division. But it’s still the Cubs, so them blowing it remains a possibility. If the Brewers, Cardinals and Cubs weren’t so darn mediocre, this race would be much more interesting.” – Scott Mieszala