Letter: A university divided

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

Like so many before me, as I prepare to graduate in December, I reflect on my time and experiences at SIUC. The recent allegations against Glenn Poshard is just one of a series of conflicts and scandals that this school faces every semester.

Maybe the rate of all these happen at other schools, or maybe they are better at hiding them. I don’t know. But I do know that all of the bickering, backstabbing, lawsuits and politics, both within student government and RSOs, as well as in the administration and faculty, are eroding SIUC’s reputation and even its survival.


Reality check. There are many in state government who would like to see SIUE divided from SIUC. This would be the death kneel for SIUC, financially and academically as a national research school. I’ve never heard of an institution so hell-bent on self-destruction. Unless people here pull together and learn to respect and work together for a cause bigger than themselves, as Abraham Lincoln said, this “house divided” cannot stand.

Get it together folks. If not for altruistic reasons, at least for yourself. Either will work. Time is running out.

Anthony Hamelin

senior studying technical resource management