Pulse Calendar of Events

By Gus Bode

Thursday 11/8 Hangar 9: Dallas Alice, the Earps, Emily Riesen Mugsy’s: Karaoke PK’s: Broken Mirrors Longbranch: Date Night

Friday 11/9 Copper Dragon: Maggie Speaks Hangar 9: Conniption Fitts ‘ Josh Plemon and the Lonesome Drifters, Black Fortys Cousin Andy’s: Tret Fure PK’s: Slappin’ Henry Blue Longbranch: Mathien Keywest: Gotcha Entertainment Booby’s: The New Standards and Boondock Billies

Saturday 11/10 Copper Dragon: High InFidelity Hangar 9: Copyrights, New Standards, Near Death Experience PK’s: Slappin’ Henry Blue Longbranch: Salsa Dancing Keywest: New Age with Charlie Norman


Sunday 11/11 Hangar 9: Death by Karaoke with DJ Punk Soul Brotha Keywest: Ivas John Blues Band

Monday 11/12 Hangar 9: Open Mic

Tuesday 11/13 Hangar 9: Dollar Nite w/ Punk Soul Brotha Longbranch: Mariel a la mode – circus performance

Wednesday 11/14 Hangar 9: DJ Beasley Hip-Hop and Disco Show