Pulse Movie Picks

By Gus Bode

Here are some movies in theaters you should check out.

Alicia Wade

1.”No Country for Old Men.” A completely rounded and powerful thriller, this novel-turned-cinema-gold can’t be missed.


2.”Awake.” This is the chance for Hayden Christensen to prove he isn’t just the robotic Anakin Skywalker we loved to hate in “Star Wars.”

Jakina Hill

1.”Awake.” It’s the first movie in a while where you really don’t have a clue how it’s going to end.

2.”No Country for Old Men.” There’s no such thing as too much action and this film is full of it and a few surprises as well.

Audra Ord

1.”Awake.” This movie is awesome and everybody should see it. I don’t care what every other review says, and Roger Ebert doesn’t agree with them either. So go see this movie – you won’t be disappointed.

2.”Diving Bell and the Butterfly.” The heart-wrenching true story of a French Elle editor who suffers from full-body paralysis is an emotional rollercoaster, but fully worth the ride.