SIUC student to introduce Clinton

By Gus Bode

For Kouri Marshall, life feels like a dream.

Marshall was asked to introduce former president Bill Clinton at SIU-Edwardsville Wednesday as part of the campaign tour for Sen. Hillary Clinton.

The graduate student studying public administration said he has been volunteering for the Clinton campaign since 2003, taking part in fundraising events and even throwing house parties to make campaign calls. But when he was told of the honor, Marshall said he couldn’t believe anyone knew of his efforts.


“I just didn’t know the national campaign took note,” Marshall said.

Marshall said Clinton fights for people who don’t have the resources they need, such as healthcare and education, but the reasons why he supports Clinton in the presidential election can be summed up in one word.

“It’s a simple answer,” Marshall said, “loyalty.”

Although he previously worked for Sen. Barack Obama when the presidential candidate was campaigning for Illinois senator, Marshall said Clinton has been fighting for a long time and it is time to elect a female president.

“I think she’s going to take us in a new direction,” Marshall said.

Stacy Zolt Hara, a spokesperson for Hillary Clinton for President in Illinois, said without Marshall, there would be much less support for Clinton at SIUC.

“He has been an energetic and enthusiastic supporter for Sen. Hillary Clinton in southern Illinois,” Hara said. “He’s very deserving of this.”


Marshall said he hasn’t written his introduction yet, but he does know one thing he wants to say.

“I do know that I’m going to introduce Bill Clinton as the next first man,” Marshall said.

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