Letter: Au contraire, letter writer

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

I do not agree with Michael Papuga, who says that Ameren is justified in its price increases.

I would like to respond to his letter to the editor by saying that some of us do know what it is to live everyday life practicing energy conservation. Some people are aware of how many lights are on, what their thermostat is set to, how many electrical gadgets they have running and how long their tap is running for.


I pay attention to my energy usage, I ride my bike to school and the grocery store and I use my own shopping bag. I practice these things as a way of life and not just on “Ride Your Bike To Work Day,” or “Earth Day,” or electricity awareness day or whatever comes along.

Ameren is greedy. They are taking advantage and making a profit from poor people who can barely afford to pay their bills. Let me inform you, since you probably live in a big apartment building and have your utilities included in rent, that just to refrigerate your food, heat your house to a still chilly temperature, cook your meals and use just a basic amount of energy costs more than $200 or even $300 a month in the winter for a two- to four-bedroom house.

And let me inform you that this years “scanty” 4 percent rate increases are in addition to last year’s 30 to 50 percent increases by Ameren.

I think you would do yourself good not to lump everyone but yourself into the whiners and wasters category, Mr. Papuga.

Katy Bugle

graduate student studying forestry