By Gus Bode

Hangar 9: Death by Karaoke w/ DJ Punk Soul Brutha Stix: 1980s Night Sidetracks: DJ show Tres Hombres: Chris Mathien and Ivas John Booby’s: Whistle Pigs PK’s: Bone Dry River Band Hangar 9: Chicago Farmer Stix: Live DJ show Sidetracks: Live DJ Tres Hombres: Ratliff Dean Thiebaud Trio PK’s: Saint Valentines Day Suicide Pact/Hobo Knife SIU Marion Kleinau Theatre: Live theater performances Hangar 9: Wayne “The Train” Hancock/Woodbox Gang/Friday Afternoon Music Club presents Fiddle Rick and the Graham Crackers Stix: Live DJ show Sidetracks: Anonymous X Tres Hombres: Skinny Dips Booby’s: Moon Buggy Kids PK’s: L.M.B. and B./Haddonfields Cousin Andy’s: Four Shillings Short Pinch: Halfway Jane Marion Civic Center: Kids Got Talent

Hangar 9: Woodbox Gang Stix: Live DJ show Sidetracks: Bumpin’ Uglies Tres Hombres: Southern Hospitality presents K.D. Murks and Tic Tock Booby’s: Nu Standards PK’s: Baak Gwai Pinch: Beer Festival Cali’s: Live DJs Longbranch: Salsa dancing

Hangar 9: Sports on the big screen Traz: Drag show w/ Blanche DuBois Key West: Ivas John Blues Band


Hangar 9: Open mic

Hangar 9: Dollar night w/ DJ Punk Soul Brutha Tres Hombres: Papa and the Moonshiners