Blog Wars: Ideal spring break

By Gus Bode

This week, thousands of students will take to the beaches and mountains for a breather from classes. What is your ideal spring break destination?

Stile T. Smith

I don’t know if anything can top my visit to Panama City Beach last year. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was 85 degrees, sunny and beautiful (the weather and the women) last year when I made the trip to the north part of Florida. What is there to do in PCB you ask? Well, for starters, there’s Club La Vela, the largest nightclub in the entire United States. If you don’t like the big scene, try Sharkey’s on for size, especially on foam night. You will be dancing the night away with foam coming in as high as your head. You say you want to try something a little different? Visit Oxygen, one of the five highest rated tattoo parlors in the entire state of Florida. It also just happens to be the place that I got my first tattoo. Panama City Beach: where you go to have the spring break of your life.


Christian Holt

Stile would.

I happen to think Panama City Beach is overdone. Sure, I went there my senior year of high school, and I had a decent time, but four years later, I think I would rather go somewhere a little more ‘hellip; grown up. Of course I would want to go somewhere sunny. That’s the point of going out of town for Spring Break, isn’t it? However, I don’t need to be surrounded by a bunch of drunk kids in swim suits – minus the swim suits (most of the time) isn’t that why we go to the bars? Honestly, I think I would like to go to San Antonio. You know, get some sun and see the Alamo. says there are all kinds of things to do! I wonder how cheap I can get tickets a day in advance ‘hellip;

Jeff Engelhardt

San Antonio and Panama City? So we have a cowgirl and apparently a young man who wants to show his goodies on a certain video that is often filmed during that time in that location. A perfect spring break includes multiple locations. First I would go to Nashville and enjoy the splendid live music and nightlife the city has to offer. Trust me, you don’t have to like country music to enjoy the atmosphere. The next day I would go to Knoxville to enjoy Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain before heading to Atlanta to visit the Coca-Cola museum. The next day I would go to South Carolina and enjoy a day on the beaches and a night on the town. Then I would begin my trek to Key West where I would enjoy the real best spring break location.’ ‘

Barton Lorimor

I am a supporter of the unknown destination spring break. Especially with gas prices coming back to the $2 range, expect this reporter to load up a cooler with Mountain Dew and barbeque chips, and just taking to the open road. It would be nice to think that the biggest dilemma I face during this trip would be which direction to turn and when.