Give your ex’s stuff the chance they don’t deserve

Give your ex’s stuff the chance they don’t deserve

By Laura Wood

Almost every girl hates the part of a relationship when quits are called and all her ex’s stuff has to find a new home in a cardboard box on his doorstep.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t always have to end like that anymore. Just put it all on the Internet, provide a short sob story about the relationship’s failure and make some money off of it.

A relatively new site has hit the World Wide Web, and it’s out to help people give “once loved gifts from once loved partners a second chance.” Never Liked It Anyway is a website where both ex- girlfriends and boyfriends can upload a picture of the item he or she is selling, give it a reduced price and pay good riddance to the memories that item once triggered.


While many of the items on the website are either clothes or jewelry (i.e. engagement rings and wedding dresses), there isn’t much of a limit to what can be sold through the site. There are categories for any concert tickets, furniture, art, electronics, books and — quite literally — “everything else” one might desire to dismiss from his or her life.

There’s even a red 1965 Mustang Fastback selling for $17,5000.

He didn’t even come back for the car? That breakup must have been a doozy.

Girls often feel as though they’re the only ones who are experiencing the type of breakup they’re dealing with, but Never Liked It Anyway can prove that may not be the case. They often have a hard time listening to anyone who might share some sympathy or a similar story, but perhaps it would be better to hear it from a stranger.

Never Liked It Anyway not only helps find new homes for the physical reminders of the one who went away, but it also provides a support forum for anyone who might want to share his or her terrible breakup stories.

If any girl feels like she is the only one in the breakup boat, there are eight pages worth of stories on the website that might be similar to any situation she might be experiencing. Perhaps she can turn to those instead of a friend’s over-exercised ear for the comfort she seeks.

Did her boyfriend of three years “magically” turn out to be gay? There’s a story for that. Perhaps he convinced her to move overseas to the most romantic city in Europe, only to call her the day after booking the trip to tell her he wasn’t ready for a committed relationship. There’s a story for that, too. Maybe her wedding was only a few weeks away and she caught him cheating with one of his bachelor party dancers. Yes, there’s even a story for that.


Maybe she was on track to get married, but something so unspeakable and unforgivable happened that all that’s left to do is burn all the photos and stay in a dark room under the covers until the world freezes over. That’s an unfortunate situation for anyone, but there is a benefit to all of this! The $10,000 three-day weekend wedding package at a private lake in upstate New York she was supposed to use is selling for a special breakup price of $6,000!

Even if there hasn’t been a tragic breakup in your recent history, the site still has some shopping potential. It’s important to remember that no matter what is for sale, it is at a discounted price, and no one likes paying full price for something that could be found cheaper. Why pay more than $1,000 for an engagement ring that would get the same reaction for $500?

Even if the girlfriend finds out and throws a fit, just tell her the previous owner never liked it anyway.