USG votes against financial board

By Tara Kulash

Members of the Undergraduate Student Government voted not to recommend a Student Organization Activity Fee Funding Board be instituted.

The USG meeting Tuesday night covered the institution of a SOAF board to help allocate funds to Registered Student Organizations.

Brittany Greathouse, a junior from Bolingbrook studying accounting, said the USG has a finance committee composed of seven members in charge of allocating money to RSOs when requested, she said.


With the implementation of the SOAF board, Greathouse said, it would not be a part of USG, and it would contain 11 members, and three would be administrative.

“It would make meetings run more smoothly and the money allocated more equally,” she said.

Corbin Doss, a junior from Springfield studying civil engineering, said he doesn’t feel like it’s the administration’s place to step in as a mediator for the USG.

“I feel like we’re grown individuals here,” he said. “We don’t need an adult to go in there and mediate, because we’re adults ourselves.”

Jarid Perrin, a senior from Lindenwood studying forestry, said the power would still be in the students’ hands for the most part to allocate money, so he thinks it would be a good idea for the senators to be able to focus more on other issues.

The majority of USG voted not in favor of the SOAF funding board. The vote will go forth as a recommendation to the administration, but not as a final decision.

Besides the SOAF board, the USG also voted on the establishment of the new student group, Minority Association for Excellence, to become an RSO.

Marvin Dixon, a sophomore from Rockford studying speech communication, presented the group to the USG. He said the group would focus on student development, career preparation and self-development. It would focus on getting academic resources to students, Dixon said, and would require a 2.5 GPA for membership.

“We want to encourage a lot of different students in our community to come in, not just one demographic,” he said. “We want them to feel welcome.”

The board voted unanimously in favor of the group becoming an RSO.

The USG was also supposed to vote on whether the student magazine, Unleashed Magazine, could become an RSO. No representative showed up from Unleashed, however, so the board decided to postpone the vote.

Amendments to the USG constitution were considered as well.

Under the legislative branch, two senator seats have been added for students with undeclared majors, and one senate seat was added for a student from the school of nursing.