Don’t make doomsday a lonely one

By Laura Wood

It could be the same romantic setup with you and mister or miss right: long slow walks, candlelit dinners and frightening movies as an excuse to get close and hold each other.

The only difference is that those walks would be to the grocery store for non-perishable food, dinnertime conversation would revolve around ways to build an underground shelter and the scary movies wouldn’t be scary at all. They would be apocalypse films that could offer insight on what to expect when doomsday actually arrives.

It seems like a match made only in heaven, doesn’t it? Actually, it was probably just one made on


Someone is considered a “prepper” if he or she prepares for any change in normal life or circumstances without depending on anyone else for resources. The goal is “to minimize the effects of that change on their current lifestyle,” according to, a site dedicated solely to informing the world of where these people are located and how to “get involved in the prepper movement.”

Whatever that means.

Planning for the end of the world can be lonesome at times. Acceptance from friends and family — the unprepared or negligent, if you will — may not come easy at first, but that is because the idea of an actual apocalypse quite honestly seems a bit farfetched.

However, preppers simply plow past the judgment and scrutiny and just keep canning food to get ready for the ultimate day of disaster.

But no one said they had to go through it alone.

Aside from PrepperDating, other survivalist dating sites such as SurvivalistSingles and Kwink have popped up within the last few years, and their memberships keep rising. For instance, SurvivalistSingles officially launched in 2010 and has grown to about 1,700 members since, with 324 new doomsdayers in the last week alone.

Not every member believes in the same apocalypse either, which could also help to narrow down that arduous search for a mate. Survivalists on these sites claim faith in the Mayan apocalypse, the zombie apocalypse, a massive solar flare, nuclear meltdown or even an epic governmental collapse.


This just further supports my belief that there really is someone out there for everyone. Whoever thought to start these dating sites for these kinds of people to find each other must be the ultimate prepper. They deserve 50 cans of venison for thinking so far ahead.

Just like any other (normal) dating site, members simply log in to start searching for the right sidekick. Perhaps she needs to know how to can meat quickly and efficiently to keep up with his exemplary hunting skills, or maybe he needs to be resourceful and inventive so the two can make weapons and other doomsday essentials out of seemingly nothing.

Or maybe, just maybe, she doesn’t exist in the digital dating world and can be found in your local grocery store checking the expiration dates on cans of beans and Spam.