Emmys 2012: For Your Consideration

By Karsten Burgstahler

The time has come for the Emmys, and that means it’s time for predictions.

Will the big guns such as “Modern Family” and “Mad Men” take top honors, or will a newbie show take home the prize? Although I don’t claim to be a television expert, I present to you, the reader, my humble predictions after painstaking hours of research for this year’s festivities:

Best Comedy Series


Will Win: “Modern Family”

Should Win: “Veep”

The Emmys love “Modern Family,” and there’s no reason why this ABC juggernaut won’t take home the award since nothing happened this season to turn the voters away from the series. The competition here is strong, however, and I would like to offer “Veep” for consideration. The HBO comedy’s viewership wasn’t incredibly strong, but it did well with critics and “Seinfeld”’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus delivered a great performance as vice president Selena Meyer. Perhaps it’s time for a change? Vote for Selena.

Best Drama Series

Will Win: “Mad Men”

Should Win: “Homeland”

“Mad Men,” like “Modern Family,” is an Emmy darling. Every season of the show has taken home the award for Best Drama Series, although this year’s strong competition could cause an upset in the category. Nominees like HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” and AMC’s final season of “Breaking Bad” are critically acclaimed, however my pick is “Homeland.” The show is well crafted, and it exudes tension at every turn. Of course, “Homeland” is driven by the incredible performances from its two leads, so I would be happy if the show picks up awards in the acting categories.


Best Actor in a Comedy Series

Will Win: Jim Parsons, “The 

Big Bang Theory”

Should Win: Jim Parsons, “The Big Bang Theory”

Parsons took this category home last year for his turn as Sheldon Cooper, and the accolades continue to roll in this season. The character drives me absolutely nuts, but that just means he’s doing his job. Louis C.K. is nominated for “Louie,” and his turn could be a dark horse, but I stand by Parsons.

Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Will Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 


Should Win: Tie (I know, sue 

me): Edie Falco, “Nurse 

Jackie” or Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 


“Veep” should get some vindication in this category after it loses the best comedy category. I chose “Veep” in the Best Comedy category because it has the best nominee ensemble (any show with Buster Bluth from “Arrested Development” is a victor in my book), but Louis-Dreyfus shines, and Emmy voters love her. She really is the driving factor in the show’s recognition. Edie Falco was forced to do some of the most emotional work to date on “Nurse Jackie” as her character entered rehab, and she deserves recognition for it.

Best Actor in a Drama Series

Will Win: Bryan Cranston, 

“Breaking Bad”

Should Win: Damian Lewis, 


This really is Cranston’s to loose. “Breaking Bad” is ending, so the Emmys will want to give the show as much recognition as possible. However, considering that Cranston has had plenty of time in the limelight, I suggest “Homeland”’s Damian Lewis.

This is difficult because I really want to say “Dexter”’s Michael C. Hall will win. “Dexter” is my favorite show on television, but Hall’s performance was stronger in earlier seasons. Lewis hit it out of the ballpark with his conflicted soldier/possible sleeper cell terrorist on “Homeland.” The show is just kicking into gear, of course, so it may have its chance once “Breaking Bad” takes its victory lap.

Best Actress in a Drama Series

Will Win: Claire Danes, 


Should Win: Claire Danes, 


Finally, a category in which “Homeland” has a really good chance to win the Emmy! Danes deserves it because, as good as her co-star Lewis’ performance is, her take as a borderline psycho CIA agent was the best on television in the last year. If anyone else has a chance here, it’s Julianne Margulies for “The Good Wife,” a critical favorite. However, Margulies has had her time in the light; it’s time to step aside.

Hopefully my list doesn’t seem biased (cough cough Homeland cough cough), so get your betting pools ready! Head online to the official Emmy website for a full list of nominees, and prepare for the festivities led by Jimmy Kimmel at 6 p.m. Sunday on ABC