IT came to the museum rocks Faner


Bands, costumes, fortune tellers and great energy filled the Faner rooftop on Oct. 21 at the “IT came to the museum” concert. It was a few hours of music, meeting people, getting tarot readings and showing off creative costumes, a start to yet another Carbondale Unofficial halloween celebration. 

This was a nice spot for students to ease into Unofficial, somewhere for them to go and enjoy music and meet new people without necessarily needing to know anyone or having to go to a bar or basement.

The performers were erupting with energy throughout the night. There were times when their feet were barely even touching the ground, as when local artist Bulkington picked up Green Fuzz lead singer Evan Neuman during their performance.


They had covers from some horrorcore favorites like the Cramps and Black Sabbath as well as some new original works from Bulkington. Some of the other bands included The Hex Girls and Braggadocious vole. 

Favorite band of the night, Green Fuzz, was a Frankenstein accumulation of a few different bands around Carbondale some of the most noticeable being Tr!cks, Hans Predator and Pet Mosquito. By allowing artists an opportunity to collaborate with friends and just have some fun, it gives the audience a unique experience and it was not unnoticed. 

This event is not the first of its kind, showing the type of support the school has for its creative students and community members alike, bringing more of a togetherness for its artistic minds. 

“It used to be that bands were constantly playing and now it seems that is starting to come back,” said performer Greg Edwards. “Things like this really show support from the school for the community and artists in Carbondale.”