Next Publication: January 4, 2013

By Gus Bode

Top Stories of 2012 that you probably missed:

  1. ACT not only factor in admissions
  2. Students adjust to Ramadan in US
  3. City raises parking fines
  4. Online class enrollment increases
  5. Salukis embrace Olympic experience

Top Ten Stories of 2012 most read:

  1. Man in wheelchair hit by SUV eastbound on 13
  2. Party goes from beers to tears
  3. Teen hit by train transported to St. Louis
  4. Polar Bear rages through Carbondale
  5. Chancellor’s letter sends condescending message
  6. SIU student reported missing
  7. SIU Salary Data: Special Edition: March 31, 2010
  8. SIU terminates coach Lowery
  9. Fraternity on suspension for low member GPAs
  10. SIUC: Party image unrealistic