USG addresses RSO, student involvement

By Laura Wood

An Undergraduate Student Government Senator addressed Registered Student Organization participation in council meetings during the group’s first semester meeting Tuesday.

Adrian Miller, a sophomore from Carbondale studying political science and a USG Senator, noted the lack of RSO presence at USG meetings.

“(RSOs) come to us and get money, but we don’t require anything in return from them,” Miller said. “Why don’t we hear from them? We are their governing body.”


The USG formed a new committee to oversee student government presence on campus and RSO participation in the group’s biweekly meetings. The committee has yet to be named, but senators intend to finalize its details and members during their Feb. 5 meeting.

Brittany Greathouse, USG president

and sophomore from Bolingbrook studying accounting, addressed RSO attendance ways USG could gain RSO interest in a text message. She said USG’s advisory board is working to make online RSO event posting mandatory.

“RSOs are not required to attend our meetings, but we would like them to update us on their events going on so we can let the students know,” she said.

Other discussed topics include keeping monthly senator reports mandatory as a way to stay informed about the status of each senator’s college. USG members also intended to address misappropriated funds by the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, but the group was not present Tuesday so the topic was tabled until the next meeting.