Journalism RSO’s are putting student creativity into production


Kylen Lunn | [email protected]

(Pictured from Left to Right) Kylen Lunn, Sara Davis, Hannah Friedman, Ara J. Rice, Brock Mills, and Devin Welchman; the six staff members of Alt News 26:46 sitting in the Alt News editing space called The Loft located in the Communications building at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale.

With school beginning RSO’s are starting to open up for students RSO’s such as River Region and Alt News are looking for creative students to join their team this year.

River Region is a student run broadcast news station. 

Jennifer Fuller, the associate director of River Region, said its goal is to provide students with real world experience in broadcast news and show them what it will be like to work in a news station. 


“The overall goal is daily news, but it is also great hands-on experience for students,” Fuller said.

By providing students with hands-on experience River Region is helping students that are interested in the broadcasting field, from reporters to the lighting and sound crew, Get the experience they need to prepare for the real world and a future career in broadcasting. Fuller said.

According to Fuller it takes a lot of work doing a broadcast news show especially when it gets down to the deadline time and it gets really stressful.

“A four day a week daily newscast takes a lot of work and a lot of people and even a magazine show that we do once a month or once every couple of weeks takes a lot of thought and a lot of interaction,” Fuller said.

Jennifer Fuller, The Associate Director for News & Public Affairs for WSIU sitting inside of the Public Broadcasting room located in the WSIU office on the lower level of the Communications building at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. Kylen Lunn | [email protected]

While many RSO’s are working on how they plan to start back up this school year, River Region is ready to get back to producing news and showing students how broadcast news works.

Alt News is also ready to get more students involved in student-produced shows.

Since 1998, Alt News has been a platform for students who have a passion for journalism and film and putting it on screen.


Alt News is one of the multimedia RSOs on campus that specialize in information and entertainment to showcase the creativity of students.

Alt News has won more than  30 regional Emmys and the members plan to do a lot more for this fall. 

Alt News member Hannah Friedman has been with the organization for close to 3 years and said she was happy to find an outlet to channel her creativity with students who have the same interest.

“When you come in, you see Alt News as this more professional, put-together show,” Friedman said. “At the end of the day, it’s all just run by students who are all broke and doing a million other things at the same time and trying to party and hang out and have fun.”

Over the summer Alt News has had bi-weekly meetings, with students pitching ideas to see what they come up. Similar meetings are held during the school year.  w Friedman said.

“Once they [members] start writing some stuff out, that’s when we’ll come with them and meet with them and we’ll start producing something specifically for them”, Friedman said. “ Everyone gets to produce their own content how they want to make [it]; Alt News just sort of helps them and gives them a crew and guides them and makes it more professional, but anyone can come in and produce what they want to make.”

The main thing to know about Alt News is that it’s inclusive and for the students, Friedman said.

“We really just want to get in people’s heads that Alt News is just a platform that any artist doesn’t have to be a filmmaker, any artist can use to their advantage. That’s all we are,” Friedman said. “If you like animation, costume, make-up, want to get into cinematography, editing, whatever it is; you have an idea we will put it on television.”

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