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Two Funko POP figures sit together awaiting to be stocked on the shelves at RND Collectibles Thursday, Mar. 4, 2021, in Carbondale, Ill. “It’s pop culture man, I think that’s why people love it. You know, anything you can think of there’s probably a POP figure of it. It’s just an easy way to enjoy your fandom,” Randy Arena, owner of RND Collectibles said.

From SIU to Pop! President of Funko shares his journey

By Sara Wangler, Staff Reporter April 10, 2021
Collaborating with Disney, DC Comics, the NFL and BTS to make fan-favorite merchandise might sound like a dream to some, but for Funko president Andrew Perlmutter, it's all in a day's work.
Samaritan Saturday Pulliam logo

Samaritan Saturday: The Women’s Center of Carbondale is a safe haven in southern Illinois

By Jamilah Lewis, Staff Reporter March 27, 2021
The Women’s Center in Carbondale is a safe place for victims and survivors of rape, sexual assault or domestic violence, or any person involved in something traumatic, to seek shelter and help with their problems.
This is not how your story ends: The shadow pandemic of domestic violence

This is not how your story ends: The shadow pandemic of domestic violence

By Oreoluwa Ojewuyi, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021
Just like COVID-19, domestic violence is not picky about its victims. It affects anyone no matter race, occupation or gender. 
William Toliver, presents his speech at the Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year event March 17, 2021, in Carbondale, Ill. “I struggle with going to school, going to class on time, keep working on school, and paying attention. Luckily, I have teachers to encourage me to work hard and praise me for taking my time. They have made me more confident and comfortable in the world we live in,” Toliver said.

Boys and Girls Club serving the community’s youth, one student at a time 

By Riley Hemken, Staff Reporter March 19, 2021
The Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale is a passionate organization that has helped the youth of the community for over a decade and is now helping more than ever because of COVID-19.
Student musician, Joshua Buss of Carbondale shows the intricacies of the tuning system on his Spanish guitar, Wednesday, Mar. 10, 2021, in Carbondale, Ill. “Most classical guitars pop off of the back like this. If you look right here, rather than going into a peg-hole and stringing around, you go in and tie a knot and when you turn the gears it tightens,” Buss said.

In a time of isolation, student musicians spread hope and human connection 

By Elena Schauwecker, Staff Reporter March 19, 2021
In an atmosphere of isolation and struggle, SIU student musicians have found ways to continue their music careers while spreading hope and community.
Photo courtesy of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

From the civil rights era to present day Bethel women provide a foundation for the church

By Jason Flynn, Staff Reporter March 18, 2021
Since its founding, Bethel has been a center for community and service for locals and a historic haven for visitors, and the women of Bethel played a key role in the history and present of the church.
Lanese Farr stacks her crate and holds her balance on Tuesday March. 16, 2021, at Recreational Center, Carbondale Ill.

Spirit Week Crate Stacking

By Monica Sharma, Staff Photographer March 17, 2021
Contestants teetered on towers of milk crates as they attempted to construct the tallest one during the Rec Center's Spirit Week Crate Stack Tuesday March 16.
Community activist and leader, Michael Coleman, paints the Art Reconciliation community mural Mar. 5, 2021, in Carbondale, Ill. “Just being able to just give time to give back to your community, I think that’s really important. We take so much but, like, we have to keep giving back to the community and this is my way of doing it,” Coleman said.

Couple designs mural to bring racial unity to Carbondale

By Sophie Whitten, Staff Photographer March 13, 2021
Artists and community activists, Cree Sahidah Glanz and Marquez Scoggin have partnered with A Gift of Love Charity to create a mural to bring beauty and unity to Carbondale. 
Southern Illinois Pride Queen, Blanche Dubois, and King, Faim Lee Jewls, of 2019-2020 lead the drive-thru Pride parade, June 28, 2020, in Carbondale, Ill.

Rainbow Cafe: Serving the LGBTQ youth of southern Illinois

By Diksha Mittal, Staff Reporter March 9, 2021
The Rainbow Café was founded by some of the local, affirming, LGBTQ churches in Carbondale about 20 years ago.
Photo courtesy of John Flack.

SIU Medicine Chair advocates for inclusive healthcare in the medical field 

By Diksha Mittal, Staff Reporter March 7, 2021
African American doctors who have entered and remained in the field have been trailblazers for those coming after them in their communities and have used their experience to bring more equity and understanding into medical practice. Among these physicians is Dr. John Flack who is a professor and the department chair of Internal Medicine at the SIU School of Medicine. 
Carmalita Cahill, the executive director at the Carbondale Warming Center, cleans the frequently-touched surfaces March 4, 2021, in Carbondale, Ill. She is passionate about taking care of others and doing the best she can to help others feel safe and understood. “One of the things that we’re rooted in is humanity, dignity, and empathy, and I think those are things that if you look around the country, around the world, that’s what everybody wants, and if we can show that to everybody in our society, how great would we be,” Cahill said. Sophie Whitten | @swhittenphotography

Samaritan Saturday: Carbondale Warming Center offers housing, food and clothing to homeless community  

By Elena Schauwecker, Staff Reporter March 6, 2021
The Carbondale Warming Center has its doors open to the community and is ready to provide assistance to anyone in need of shelter, food, clothing or other resources. 
Camille Davidson, the first Black female Dean at the SIU School of Law, poses for a portrait Feb. 22, 2021, at the SIU School of Law in Carbondale, Ill.

SIU’s first Black, female Dean of Law on why diversity matters

By Leah Sutton, Photo Editor March 3, 2021
“I just think that the profession is not as diverse as it should be, and it hasn’t really changed. I graduated from law school in 1993 and the percentages haven’t really changed over the last almost 30 years and so I think that’s very important,” Davidson said.
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