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Games and Ghosts: Scott Thorne turns niche interests into local attractions

By Brandyn Wilcoxen, Staff Reporter October 20, 2021
Scott Thorne has a PhD in business administration, but if  you were to spend your Friday and Saturday nights in October with him, you would think his doctorate was in the paranormal. “I’ve had an interest in ghosts for a number of years,” Thorne said. It’s not just an interest of his, but of the many people that join him on his  Haunted Carbondale walking tour, where Thorne shows off many places around Carbondale that are rumored to be haunted. “Especially this time of the year we get a lot more interest, people showing up wanting to have a walking tour,” Thorne said. “But you have to be interested in them, and if you get an interest in them, then you hear the stories.”
John T. Soden in the late 1970s.

Alum John T. Soden reveals unpublished works from the 70s during his time at SIU

By Oreoluwa Ojewuyi, Editor-in-Chief October 15, 2021

At the height of the era that promoted peace, love, sex and drugs in the 70s; in the midst of the effects of the draft and Vietnam War on the American people, John T. Soden was an SIU student looking to...


SIU hosts Diversity Week to highlight unique campus experiences

By Janiyah Gaston, Staff Reporter September 10, 2021

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale hosted its annual Diversity Week, where students, faculty members, and others organized five days of events centering inclusion and diversity.  O.J. Duncan...

Brittany Adams posted this photo to the Facebook group WTF? Carbondale after her daughter lost her Barbie on a trial at Giant City State Park. Sunday.

“Ohhh! They found her!”: Little girl reacts with glee to returned Barbie doll

By Joel Kottman, Staff Reporter September 4, 2021

Three-year old Rowan Adams and her mother, Brittany Adams, were out on a hike Sunday on Trillium Trail in Giant City State Park when Rowan’s Barbie doll fell out of her backpack.  Rowan had just...

Jada Brown, a freshman majoring in cinema, does her homework in Kellogg Hall Aug. 27, 2021, in Carbondale, Ill.

Students with different learning styles challenge professors creativity

By Elena Shauwecker , Staff Reporter September 4, 2021

Students at SIU-C have a wide variety of learning styles, and some fear they are overlooked and unable to express their full potential in traditional and virtual class settings.  Mikenzi Bushue, a...

Hundreds of spectators get up close with Big Boy No. 4014 makes a stop in Chester. The steam  locomotives were built in the early 1940s  on Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021 in Illinois.

Big Boy No. 4014 comes to town

By Jared Treece, Staff Photographer September 1, 2021

On a hot and humid Saturday afternoon, hundreds of spectators flocked to get a glimpse of Union Pacific's steam locomotive Big Boy No. 4014 as it stopped in Chester, Illinois. The steam locomotive,...

Rick Crossley stands in front of his yard beside his Bright Spot award from Keep Carbondale Beautiful Aug. 12, 2021 in Carbondale, Ill. . Since winning the award, he has witnessed an increase in members of the community stopping by and connecting with each other. “It touches my heart when people I know did not have any interactions come and I see them walking by together in the mornings. It’s really touching, ” Crossley said.

Bright Spot Award promotes environmental awareness to Keep Carbondale Beautiful

By William Box and Joel Kottman August 27, 2021

Making Carbondale beautiful one yard at a time is a primary goal of the non-profit that hands out the Bright Spot Award. The award is granted by a board of directors who confer it based on community...

Savannah Long hands out bagels on Bagel Wednesday Aug. 18, 2021 at Faner Hall.

Weeks of Welcome helps new students feel at home at SIU

By Elena Schauwecker, Staff Reporter August 26, 2021

SIU’s Weeks of Welcome is back with festivals, food, games and more to welcome new students to campus. This year is a particularly special year for both freshmen and sophomores, as last year most of...

Specialty stores thrive while mall continues to be distressed

By Joel Kottman and Jason Flynn August 26, 2021

University Mall, which once housed over 70 shops and stores, now operates just 25.  Andrew Erbes, the owner of Gloria Jean’s Coffee, said his business will close its doors due to a lack of foot traffic,...

(Pictured from Left to Right) Kylen Lunn, Sara Davis, Hannah Friedman, Ara J. Rice, Brock Mills, and Devin Welchman; the six staff members of Alt News 26:46 sitting in the Alt News editing space called The Loft located in the Communications building at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale.

Journalism RSO’s are putting student creativity into production

By Jamilah Lewis, Janiyah Gaston, and Staff Reporter August 19, 2021

With school beginning RSO’s are starting to open up for students RSO’s such as River Region and Alt News are looking for creative students to join their team this year. River Region is a student...

“Dementia Live” program spreads awareness, seeks to generate empathy toward Alzheimer’s patients

By Elena Schauwecker, Staff Reporter August 18, 2021

Hospice workers in Marion who work in close contact with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients have created a project called “Dementia Live,” helping people better understand the disease through conversations,...

House destroyed in riot. Photo courtesy of the Sangamon Valley Collection at Lincoln Library.

For Black Americans, gun culture is linked to a history of resistance against white terror

By Jason Flynn, Staff Reporter May 18, 2021
Black American’s historic relationship with guns is a complicated one.
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