Man arrested in Marion for involvement in January 6th insurrection

By Danny Connolly, Staff Reporter

A man from southern Illinois was arrested and charged on Tuesday for his part in the January 6th insurrection at the US capitol.

Mathew Capsel, of Marseillas, who posts online under his alias Mateo Q Capsel, was arrested for multiple charges, including unlawfully entering a federal building and interfering with law enforcement officers or employees of the United States on official duties. 

According to an affiidavit, multiple people reported his TikTok and his Facebook videos to the FBI, who was able to identify Capsel by his tattoos, which match his driver’s license photo. 


(See more: affidavit).

In videos on his personal Facebook page, Capsel posted Tik Toks of him “scuffling” with police, including one he posted where he “tried to hold the line back” until he got pepper sprayed. 

(See more: Facebook).

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