FBI releases photo, statement concerning university threats

By Laura Wood

Editor’s note: The FBI released a statement Tuesday that requests help from the community regarding the series of threats the university received during the fall semester. The statement’s texts reads as


“As the public is aware, someone sent communications during the fall semester of 2012, threatening acts of mass targeted violence against the entire SIU Carbondale community. The language was frightening and law enforcement responded quickly and appropriately. Although no one has been harmed by this person so far, this is not a harmless prank. Evacuations caused by threats are disruptive and create safety hazards to others.


We would like to ask for assistance from the community. This person sending these communications may be known to those around him as having one or multiple grievances related to what he perceives to have been a wrong or a series of wrongs done to him. He may have been continually angry during the fall semester and prone to making rash, if unbelievable, statements about his complaints. He is likely to be immature and lacking in focus. The person is probably familiar with the SIU campus and campus life, although is not necessarily a student or former student.

We would ask the author to please write again, to explain how he has been wronged and what can be done to address these concerns.

We are also releasing selected handwriting from one of these communications. We are asking the public to examine this unusual printing to see if it is familiar. Anyone with information is asked to call 618-453-